Paint Your Life And Create A Great Personal Gift

Gifts are awesome, and nothing seems more timeless than a painting. Having great art from the best artists ever lying around your sitting room is always awesome. Who doesn’t want to have the beautiful Mona Lisa hanging on the wall and available to be viewed at any time? 

Nonetheless, do you know what is better than having the Mona Lisa? Well, having a painting of yourself, a family member, or something cherished in your life will be more unique and valuable than any of these great paintings.  

When you paint your life portraits, it has a lot to it, especially when it comes to evoking emotions and physically imprinting memories for the future. We take you through how you may create this great gift and all the benefits you derive from having these instead. So let’s get right in.

1. Creating Your Personal Gift

When we tell you to paint your life portraits, you could just say, “well, I would rather choose to have a photograph of myself then; it’s easier.” But instead, you would admit that you have often shoved the most beautiful photographs into storage boxes or even just kept them on your phones and in photo albums.

Photos to portrait paintings are cherished, especially because it is handmade. Imagine this scenario and tell us what is more valuable; a photograph taken of you by your child on an iPhone or a very accurate hand-drawn portrait painting by this same child? You have your answer, but there’s even more. 

Painting your life gives more possibilities than taking pictures and more satisfaction than digitally editing them. There are three ways you may create pieces to this effect. You may paint an existing photograph, have an entirely new portrait of you drawn by an artist, or even compile portraits featuring people that couldn’t have been together.

2. Paint My Photograph

Creating a drawing from an existing photo is the most basic route, as you just present the image to your favorite artist and have it painted out for you as you desire. Then, just like regular images, you have photographs of yourself, children, parents, or pets converted into handmade paintings.  

In addition, you don’t just get to create timeless single and grouped portrait images. Still, you may bring old disintegrating photos back to life and even complete the whole process over the internet, as services are dedicated to this. 

The following two ways of creating these pieces give you more than this. For example, you may create drawings in a more memorable fashion or paintings that have more meaning.

3. Creating a New Portrait Painting

The uniqueness of having an entirely new portrait painting here is inherent. You don’t send photographs to an artist but rather have the artist work with a live model. 

This is how the Mona Lisa and other famous portrait paintings like the Portrait of Dr. Paul Gachet were created. So get a load of the experience; you sit on a stool, pose just like you would in regular photographs, and watch how the artist slowly creates a masterpiece featuring just you and for you alone. 

You don’t just throw a painting like this away, as you have more connection to it. You may create new portraits of your children and parents or even pets in a way that makes them feel special, and through a time-consuming process, they would not take them for granted. 

Now, you could take the previous two ways of creating these wonderful personal gifts a step further. This is by combining subjects or different pieces into one. 

Combining Subjects and Paintings


Let’s start with this. You want to have a portrait image featuring your parents and children. However, your parents have sadly passed away, which makes this impossible with regular photographs. You will also agree that digitally editing images of them take away some spark. 

This is where combining portrait paintings comes in. You present an artist with images of your parents and children, and this artist creates a masterpiece featuring all of them, just as if they took the picture together. Your children may even be depicted through entirely new portrait paintings, helping to reap the benefits of the second method mentioned. 

Combining images this way means combining two timeless memories into one medium, giving it more reverence and giving you something more personally meaningful to look at. Just as a personal gift, it is a great, unique, and unexpected gift to present to your loved ones.  

4. Painting Your Life Brings Out Emotions

Sometime in the future, when you go back to a painting of yourself with a smile and a loved one by your side, you get taken down memory lane. If it was an entirely new piece, you served as the live model and recounted the fun experience you had during the whole process of creating it. 

All these bring feelings of happiness every time you look at paintings. Depending on what the painting means to you, you may also feel some nostalgia, calmness, and even motivation. With these everlasting artworks hanging on walls, you never forget essential parts of your life. This isn’t all. 

It Works With Your Budget

Artworks are extremely expensive, especially when we talk about handmade pieces. However, spending on a portrait painting of yourself always gives you an artist that can work within your budget. Just don’t make this budget ridiculously low. 

Moreover, artworks require little to no maintenance, as long as you keep them at the right room temperature. You then have paintings for life, unique, everlasting, and inexpensive gifts. Imagine presenting something of this worth to your friend or parent. 


We see that personalized gifts don’t get as customized as a live-form painting of yourself. You have a piece that is more valuable to you than any other gift as it reminds you of a time in your life, was created with a lot of effort from the artist, and doesn’t cost you a fortune to be as priceless as it is. So paint your life and create a personal gift that you will never find worthless. 

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